CT /MRI-Quality MF-tabel adapter for Maquet-tables

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  • 1-17-201-20
The CT /MRI-Quality of our Cranial Stabilization... more
Product information "CT /MRI-Quality MF-tabel adapter for Maquet-tables"

The CT /MRI-Quality of our Cranial Stabilization System

MF-tabel adapter for Maquet-tables


The MF-table adapter is CT and MRI Compatible, conains 4 screws (40mm legth) includes nuts for adaptation to the OR table.

 The set includes the following products

Includes Description Quantity
1-17-201-30 Key 1
1-17-201-31 Key angled 1
1-17-201-36 Box spanners for screw handles
6-09-984-10,1 Screw with M16x40mm legth 4



Author: MF
Material: Plastic
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