Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle, without anaesthetic tube

Davis-Boyle mouth gag blade
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Tongue blades length


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Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle  for Europe and the whole world  ... more
Product information "Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle, without anaesthetic tube"

Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle for Europe and the whole world

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We manufacture this Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle exclusively in Germany. Short supply chains in the European area. Furthermore, we supply to the whole world. For the Mouth gag blade we assure high quality and traceability is guaranteed.

Certified according to ISO13485:2016

We are regularly audited according to DQS a renowned German notified body If you would like to learn more: You can find our certificates here.


Mouth gag blade for resale

This Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle from surgical stainless steel. The instruments are easy to clean/ sterilize to allow use in the surgical area/ operation room.

All R&D (research&development), production and processing steps under one roof

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Careful processing by our surgical mechanics

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100% quality Made in Germany

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We offer a wide range of instruments for this Mouth gag blade. Have a look at the range of available products.

Our Services around our products Mouth gag blade

You can also benefit from our services to save time and resources.

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  • Instrument marking according to customer requirements (laser marked, UDI)
  • Cleaning and passivation
  • Packaging
  • Customer drawings
  • Batch traceability



Material and product information for Mouth gag blade Davis-Boyle

Product description

product data



Davis Boyle



tongue blades



High-alloy instrument steel, non-rusting


special feature

Glare-free, without anaesthetic tube


scope of delivery

Mouth gag blade free of production residues and packed

Laser inscription with data matrix code, passivation



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Our offering

Our final inspection department is equipped with excellent eyes and technical tools. So that all customer-defined parameters are controlled, checked, recorded and approved.

Before delivery of the Mouth gag blade  we remove all manufacturing residues. If requested by the customer, we offer passivation by our fully automatic Miele washing and cleaning machines.

A batch traceability just in case. This gives you the security you need.

If you need customized packaging, we offer single-component packaging. Those are environmentally friendly or sophisticated protective packaging for special instruments (e.g. heavy mallets, pointed, sharp instruments).

If you want to learn more, read more about our other services please follow this link.





Our dedication

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 environmentally friendly energy
  • More than 90% of the value chain takes place in-house, in order to become more independent from supply chains and thus we can react faster. For a fast response and short delivery times of the finished Mouth gag blade.
  • A manufacturing department that produces raw parts/semi-finished goods 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Our assembly departments are specialized in the assembly of ENT instrument components. To handcraft the best quality instrument for you, the customer. The manufacturing idea takes place here.
  • Our Mouth gag blade are manufactured with environmentally friendly energy, We produce this energy on our company premises by means of a solar panels/ wind turbine.
  • Benefit from the laser technology in our shipping department to sign customized instruments. We sign logos, part numbers, inscriptions and UDI codes, regardless of size (up to a height of 300mm) and geometry (using rotary axes to sign curves).
  • We offer the data matrix code up to a minimum size of 3.5 x 3.5 mm.
  • The lasers are certified with grade A/ symbol grade.
  • The machines are programmed at an external programming station using the latest CAD/ CAM technology. This enables us to check the best manufacturing options by means of simulations even before series production. Defects are already detected in the simulation and not only on the finished instrument part.Our own tool shop makes us additionally flexible. We create our own jigs and fixtures, bending and pressing tools to fit exactly, and can immediately implement our own ideas as well as those of our customers. Automatic tooling additionally increases efficiency. We can produce parts from pin size up to DIN A3 (600mm).



Treatment: matt brushed
Type: child, without anaesthetic tube
Material: stainless steel
product family: Davis Boyle
product group : Mouth gag blade
Mouth gag blade width: 20 mm
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